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Gravity Reference easily bears it's ultimate hi-end equipment support status due to it's shape, superior and proven design, and careful choice of materials.

Very thick shelves (40mm) made out of solid and unique sort of 'ribbed' maple wood used exclusively for musical instruments are most suitable material to handle the unwanted vibration in audio region. Unsurpassed rigidness of construction is achieved by double steel barrel system, outer of 60mm diameter, and inner of 32mm. Various levels of damping can be controlled through filling the inner and outer barrels with sand, lead shot or oil.

For absolutely motionless, almost zero surface contact between wooden shelves and steel construction, steel bearing balls and solid brass spikes are used. Double triangular shelves carriers are additionaly quartz sand filled. Two openings are made at the back end of the shelves, for easy seprating of mains and signal cables. Gravity reference is level adjustable.

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